We have said goodbye to too many people the past few months. This week is even harder. Last month, a member of our Mosaic community got married and then moved to Singapore. Two days ago Carol and I said farewell to Stuart a friend that was reuniting with his family in Australia. These friends are travelling to places we may never go to; and they may never come back here. Tomorrow we say farewell to our friend Mridu, who is from Nepal & has been living with us for 8 months. She however will be studying at Harvard for 3 years. There is a possibility we will see her again. All of these goodbyes are making me long for stability in relationships. Aside from selfish motivations, there is the mutual benefit we receive as we share in all things – caring for one another, learning from one another, and being united in the Spirit (to name a few). I never thought about this aspect of being in a community here – our focus has been on growth/development of a church and you tend to view leaving as a detriment. However, if we have truly been living in the Spirit and a spiritual community, these people will have grown up in the Lord and they go on prepared to plant the seed’s of Christ love elsewhere. Goodbyes then can be seen as throwing seeds into the air to take root elsewhere.

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  1. I hear you loud and clear! This summer has been a particularly grueling round of goodbyes for us here. I try to think about the new people that will come to bless our lives, who we perhaps would not get to know if all the “old” were still here.

    But still, it’s very, very hard.

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