It often rains in Glasgow and you hear a lot of complaining about it. Yesterday I needed to take a car in for servicing and the annual inspection. Now I know why people complain. We have a car and when we want to keep dry, we take the car. We plan our days around the rain or lack thereof. This morning it has been coming down in buckets and the car is 2 miles away at the shop. I need to take the kids to school, walk the kids to a school activity (they walk in the rain usually), walk to meetings, and then walk to get the car. Carol has just shouted out that it is snowing. Snow is unusual so I shrug my shoulders knowing that it will turn back into rain at a moments notice!

Today I’m thankful for my car and I hope my attitude about rain has been tempered by the snow. I/we need to ‘suck it up’ and just get on with living!

 Random thought for the day, Mike