The Cobbler

Harrison and I climbed the Cobbler followed by a stop at the Drovers Inn fir fish & chips. Brilliant weather and a great time together.


Why I love Glasgow

I love Glasgow. Many simple things I encounter make me smile and appreciate living here. Today, it was the lady showing up at the door asking if this ‘is the house she sold manure to?’ I thought to myself, “no but we certainly are full of it at times!”. People are always showing up – young Mormons on their required 2 year stint, fishmongers, and since we live in a former orphanage, those that were once cared for here. Our first week in our flat we had a reporter ring the buzzer asking if Martin O’Neill lived here – “No he doesn’t, I’m the new tenant, and I don’t know who Martin O’Neill is.” I now know who he is – a former Celtic coach – and we eventually got to meet him. These are the people. However, as I look out our front windows – often doing the washing up (dishes), I see a plant that only flowers for a couple weeks. One year we missed it as we were in America. Today, I found a little bouquet on the table for Father’s Day. Here is a photo and a reminder of why I love Glasgow: 

Butterfly flowers?