Special Guests – Dr. Hud & Nancy McWilliams

This week we have Dr. Hud & Nancy McWilliams staying with us. Today he is leading a seminar on grace filled relationships for the church, then speaking at our church gathering. There will be many quotes I will find worthy of posting; some his, some others. Here is one from the seminar that I think is worth posting.

“Grace is control of inward attitudes and outward actions by means of love without any penalty.”

I will ruminate on this for awhile…

Residency here we come!

Today we passed our ‘Life in the UK’ test, a requirement for becoming permanent residents. We studied a book on the culture of the UK, covering everything from politics to religion. Overall, it was a good process and I value it as a critical part of entering into the British culture. However, some questions were really obscure and I find them rather amusing. For example, Q: What regional dialect is spoken in Tyneside? A: Geordie. I cannot understand much of the Glaswegian accent in Partick so why do I need to know Geordie? Others were as specific as 0800#’s for various organizations and you might be asked what number to call! In the end, I got a bunch of questions about Scotland (yeah!) and was the first finished. I finished before Carol 🙂 but she probably beat me on the test; although you just get pass or fail without knowing what questions you missed.

After getting the obligatory passport photos taken at a photo kiosk and paying – get this – $1900, we can apply for our permanent residence visa (aka ILR visa). This visa is an important step for us as it means we are on our way to citizenship here (dual) and citizenship would then free us to do whatever we want throughout the EU without restrictions. It affects travel, citizenship, getting into the pension system, and being eligible for other benefits. For now, the visa enables us to stay as long as we wish, we can all hold paid jobs, and it means we knit ourselves deeper into the fabric of society. For that we are very grateful!