In the home stretch?

We are entering a really busy month. I’m still trying to figure out if we are ‘in the home stretch’ or just starting the journey.

  1. We have introduced in Mosaic the concept of the ‘promise’ – a commitment to particular practices that will help Mosaic live out its vision. Commitment is more easily adopted in secular groups (teams, organizations, etc.) but when it comes to the church, people tend to want preference and consumption without sacrifice or participation. We need to go further in helping people see the biblical basis for commitment or covenanting. I see this as  matter of aligning our head & hearts with what God wants for our community. That isn’t always easy to correct our preferences, traditions, habits, etc. and align them with what God calls us to. That is discipleship though.
  2. We have two sets of guests arriving – Dan & Bert. One set are friends who will be here for a week. One will stay on until May. We also have my sister in law and niece coming. They’ll be here to help with our kids while Carol and I are away for 5 days at a conference in Portugal (we’ve also been able to tack on 4 days in Paris – for FREE!!!).
  3. This week will also be heavy with conversations about our future (I’ll post in a couple weeks in detail) and the reason for Dan & Bert’s visit. It is the beginning steps of a longer and more settled future for us.
  4. We are starting lent and this elads up to Easter…school breaks…etc. It is always a packed time.

However, I am tending toward the positive with all this. It is good stuff, healthy, exciting and I see it as the culmination of things that started long ago (2000 years ago for one event!). I see it as both the home stretch and the start of a new chapter.


I’ve been thinking a lot about sustainability. In terms of Mosaic, what things do we need to do as a community to ensure the church’s sustainability so that we can faithfully live out the gospel? Put in my usual manner, if we ‘missionary’ or ‘clergy’ staff were to die all at once or leave Glasgow, would the church have the tools necessary to make it sustainable any longer? Would the key biblical elements of a church be in place? Would the leaders that take our place faithfully live this out? It gets me thinking about entrusting people (as Paul did with Timothy) with the gospel. It gets me thinking about our structure and strategy. Like Jesus did with the ‘Twelve’ in Luke 9 and the 72 in Luke 10. Is there a supernatural structure & strategy in place – organic & reproducible – that will enable Mosaic to thrive? I think we are trying to get there but I know we have a long way to go.

I am also thinking about sustainability for us as a couple living in Glasgow where the cost of living is twice that in our hometown in the USA. Considering we get paid in USD$, we are under-supported/financed according to the charity we work for, and there are increasing economic woes, we need to do something. I have been considering the various options over the last year – leave and return to the USA, raise more support, find part-time employment, and going full-time into business for ourselves. I’ve ruled out some options and settled on one that I feel aligns best with the vision of Mosaic/CAI and our lives. It is a convergence of things (toward months end we’ll communicate more fully) that has really sharpened my thoughts about how we as a family can faithfully worship God and stay in Glasgow. Thinking about sustainability has actually distilled my thoughts and sharpened me so that I feel much better equipped for the future. For that I am grateful. 

USA Trip

I’m away from the 18-24th visiting Norwalk,Ohio as part of a networking/relationship building trip sponsored by the GeoTrac Foundation. Myself, my colleague Stuart, and Lynsey a ‘Mosaicer’ are part of a team building bridges with this community and civic & Christian leaders. I’m also there to pursue some efforts toward making us more sustainable in ministry. Please be in prayer for our team, me as I present a proposal, and our family.