Pastor Mike?

Random thought for the week: I see myself as the entrepreneurial type – action oriented, results, individual pursuits, can do attitude, independent, quick to discern, etc. I don’t often think of myself as a pastor. Recently I have been confronted with needs & issues which require me to – listen, wait, draw out, helping someone in need – to name a few postures. Generally, being a pastor to people. It is a stretching and frustrating journey as I wait for results (even the word ‘results’ betrays my nature!). I think it best to operate in our strengths as God made us for something. That said, I do see the benefit of being stretched and growing in our areas of weakness.

Off to Lisbon

Carol and I head off to Lisbon for a 5 day CAI leadership conference. This time last year I had food poisoning and was clearly sensing that we had a great deal of disunity in Mosaic. I felt under attack spiritually and as if Mosaic was slowly falling apart. In fact, people within Mosaic were telling me without a clear sense of where the community was going, they didn’t want to continue; who would want to be on a rudderless ship?! Yesterday as two new people left our gathering, Carol heard one of them comment this was ‘their kind of church!’. Today, things are so different due to God reordering Mosaic. There are still difficult times but a supportive team, clear direction, active disciples of Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit, and a growing missional posture make all the difference in the health of Mosaic and effective witness of the gospel. Keep us in your prayers.