Amazon Wish List

I’m creating a wish list for my wife to buy me a few things, but just in case any relative or friend of ours is interested in getting some gifts for the kids (or the adults to) here is the link to our Amazon wish list. I will keep adding things as a marker so I’ll have some gifts for Carol soon.

The Kurtyka Family Wish List

It is much cheaper than buying gifts in the USA and shipping them here – they kill you/us on postage, VAT (17.5%) and sometimes duty.

Satiated from the feast!


Yesterday we had our Interactive Feast. It was superb! We had more than enough food, people poured their hearts into making various dishes, there was generosity, there was fellowship, we read scripture, we glorified God in our love for one another, and I think we recovered a bit of the sacramental nature of eating. Here is the narrative we read to help us all participate in the feast and draw our attention to scripture:

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Interactive Feast

This Sunday we are having an Interactive Feast for our Mosaic gathering. Since the day I was born I have enjoyed eating (haha!) and more recently have been reading a paper titled Eating as a Central Act of Christian Community. This and some scripture readings have inspired me to try something creative. Since it is a 5th Sunday of the month it is a bit of an oddity in our Sunday gathering rhythm. Sometimes we use this oddity for prayer, other times we use it for more social activities as a way to make community practical, pursue friendships for eternity, even to worship 24/7 (a few of Mosaic’s life practices). So this Sunday I have written a short story that ties in the scripture from Genesis to Revelation and I’ll read this to draw our attention to the feast. To try to remove some of the convenience that clouds our eating habits and put back in more of the sacramental and symbolic. We’ll have a central feast table and individual eating tables around the outer area of the room. We’ll have various verses related to food spread about. The theme is Mediterranean so we’ll have food ~ lamb, couscous, roasted vegetables ~ and music wafting through the air. We have asked people to bring various dishes and also to try not to do this alone. They could select a recipe together, perhaps buy the ingredients together, even cook together as a way to build a bit of smaller community and gain an appreciation for what goes into the preparation. My hope is that we can recover what has been lost through our take away/convenience food society and tie that into a sacramental meal. I hope further that people will find joy as they have poured in their creativity, practiced the presence of God in their labour, and experienced a sacramental communal expression in the making and feasting of the food.

I’m looking forward to the making (we are making leg of lamb & a pork dish), the feasting and experiencing of this feast as a Christian community.