The Cobbler

Harrison and I climbed the Cobbler followed by a stop at the Drovers Inn fir fish & chips. Brilliant weather and a great time together.


New Page

In April we fasted from TV, PC, & DS – for the older readers that is television, personal computer and Nintendo Developers Station (a hand held game). The kids had become addicted to them and were fighting and we were fighting with them about the games. It was out of control – even if we only let them watch TV for 30 minutes in the evening with us there would be disputes. So we banned them for a month and we all adhered to this e-fast (except me who kept working on the PC). Today it carries on but with greater freedom. Today I awakened to the girls playing in their room with toys. Harrison is to be found reading. I however, and breaking the fast with a cup of coffee and posting this blog update! P.S. – Do you like the new look of the site? I had to update Mosaic’s (, so I did ours as well.


Over the last few days I have been in a reflective mood. Yesterday I spent time with Harrison – just the two guys. It was at his request and I had been thinking about the two of us just taking time to hang out so it was an answer to a heart longing for both of us. We played football, walked, went to some stores he wanted to visit, ran some errands, looked for some books for him, chatted constantly, and played chess. This morning I had some time with him to talk about my relationship with my father, how that has shaped me, what my father taught me and how I am trying now to teach him. We read from Colossians 3:21 “Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged.” I talked to him about how I worry that my ‘dark’ side embitters him (we looked that word up in the dictionary). We prayed and then played chess. I’m joyful for the time we spent but also keenly aware of how I fail him/my children and the need to be in communion with God and others (mainly my wife) to help me avoid embittering our children. It made me get into an ‘even’ mood. I like that.