The New Site & Email addresses

Our website is expiring at the end of the month. Sorry for the short notice but with being in the U.S. visiting family, I have been out of email contact and so the last minute notice that we are letting the site and thus our personalized email addresses die a rather quick death. I don’t want to pay for the cost now that blogs and email accounts are free. We’ll be switching over to & and getting rid of the accounts. I put the word ‘AT’ in place of the ‘@’ symbol to avoid spam bots that look for email addresses in websites and then get you on their spam lists.

Hope you enjoy the new site – please let us know by leaving comments! I’ll try to add regular posts about Mosaic, our family, and how missional living continues to form us as we live out the Christian faith in Glasgow.

Trying to get back online

I’m trying to get my website ( pointed to this blog…or perhaps it’s getting this to ‘be’ Regardless, I made a few changes and messed it all up and even experts who are trying to help are stumped. I hope to have this corrected soon. Hang in there!