Leaving on a jet plane

Carol leaves tomorrow for a 2-week trip to the USA to visit her father and stepmom. The last week has been a bit rough as Sophie has been ill but the last two nights she has slept through the night. Thank goodness for that! When Carol has been away in the past, I’ve been pretty good at managing things according to my ways, but I know I won’t have the same diligence that Carol has for caring for the family & the household. It is just not my expertise as it is her’s.

I’ve arranged for some fun activities over the period – Thanksgiving dinner (pheasant?), the lads over Friday night, Saturday afternoon movie in the city centre with the kids, the following week swimming with Sophie while the others are in school, and then Wednesday next week the MoYouth are coming over for a meal and movie. Sounds busy but, I have tried to clear my schedule, these next two weeks and just be Mr. Mom. I’m looking forward to it but I know I’ll be missing my wife. The consolation is that I know she will have a great time with her father.