Over the last few days I have been in a reflective mood. Yesterday I spent time with Harrison – just the two guys. It was at his request and I had been thinking about the two of us just taking time to hang out so it was an answer to a heart longing for both of us. We played football, walked, went to some stores he wanted to visit, ran some errands, looked for some books for him, chatted constantly, and played chess. This morning I had some time with him to talk about my relationship with my father, how that has shaped me, what my father taught me and how I am trying now to teach him. We read from Colossians 3:21 “Fathers, do not embitter your children, or they will become discouraged.” I talked to him about how I worry that my ‘dark’ side embitters him (we looked that word up in the dictionary). We prayed and then played chess. I’m joyful for the time we spent but also keenly aware of how I fail him/my children and the need to be in communion with God and others (mainly my wife) to help me avoid embittering our children. It made me get into an ‘even’ mood. I like that.


It has been raining a lot and because the weather was fair today we went out for a walk. We decided to walk along the Kelvin River and Forth & Clyde Canal. We ended up passing through the area of Maryhill. This is one of Glasgow’s poorest areasand on the doorstep of Glasgow’s wealthiest neighbourhood. As we walked through streets with litter, Tesco shopping trolleys thrown about, abandoned flats, etc. a general sadness came over me. We have enjoyed food, parties, and presents this Christmas season and this grey, lonely and blighted area brought me great sadness. Even one of the local churches seemed to be braced for what might happen in the night – steel doors and bars, no longer stained glass but plastic windows, and closed off entrances. The contrast of Maryhill and our ‘rich’ Christmas season makes me pause with gratefulness, sadness, and simply a desire to pray for healing there.


I just thought I would write a short post to thank all the people that support our ministry here in Glasgow. With the decline in the dollar, economic troubles due to sub-prime lending issues, inflation, etc. I naturally worry and think about our support shortfall. To combat this I have turned my attention to prayer and thanking God for all He does provide. I’ve also tried to ‘up’ my generosity toward others. Over the last month, without people really knowing our financial situation, people have sent us additional financial support. We have experienced great generosity and I am so thankful.

Did God send them in advance of our need? Did he prompt them to act when I began to pray?Regardless, the response has bolstered my faith, made my heart sing, and I just want to say thank you to all those that support Mosaic by way of the Kurtyka Family.