Fox in Glasgow’s West End

Here is a short video (47 seconds) I took of Lily outside as she spied on a fox in the allotments (gardens) behind our house. Sophie and I watched from our hallway window. This is increasingly common – we see foxes as often as squirrels – but you still need to be careful.

Bigger Spiders

I┬áhave proof. Not the image of Jesus burnt into a piece of toast or that Nessie is alive in Loch Ness. Proof that Scotland has the biggest and fastest spiders in the Western world. First, a large rodent …. I mean spider ran across the floor. I jumped out of fright but also to squash him before he ran under the wardrobe. Little did I know he was running to his brother. A few minutes later, Carol spotted his really peeved brother climbing into attack position on the wall behind the wardrobe. I got the broom and nailed him as well (I use to hunt and am a fairly good marksman).

Here are photos of Junior and his brother Baby Hughie. With legs extended, Hughie is about 3 inches in diameter: