At the last minute, I dashed out to get another passport photo of Sophie. As I came up from the subway, I received the following text message from the Home Office/Border and Immigration Control: ” Please be aware that due to a fire alert today there will be delays for your appointment time at the Public Enquiry Office for Wednesday 14th November.” I was there early and everyone had to wait outside the ‘compound’ until lunch was over and the alert had passed. I was the third inside so was 3rd in the queue. Everything went smoothly, I found out I got 24 out of 24 on the residency test 🙂 and 2 hours later, I/we emerged successful! We are now all permanent residents of the United Kingdom. Interestingly, Sophie is also immediately eligible for citizenship since she was born here. As I walked home, I praised God for yet again His provision. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!