The Cobbler

Harrison and I climbed the Cobbler followed by a stop at the Drovers Inn fir fish & chips. Brilliant weather and a great time together.



It has been raining a lot and because the weather was fair today we went out for a walk. We decided to walk along the Kelvin River and Forth & Clyde Canal. We ended up passing through the area of Maryhill. This is one of Glasgow’s poorest areasand on the doorstep of Glasgow’s wealthiest neighbourhood. As we walked through streets with litter, Tesco shopping trolleys thrown about, abandoned flats, etc. a general sadness came over me. We have enjoyed food, parties, and presents this Christmas season and this grey, lonely and blighted area brought me great sadness. Even one of the local churches seemed to be braced for what might happen in the night – steel doors and bars, no longer stained glass but plastic windows, and closed off entrances. The contrast of Maryhill and our ‘rich’ Christmas season makes me pause with gratefulness, sadness, and simply a desire to pray for healing there.

Big bugs!


This is a picture of Sophie with a spider up on the wall near the ceiling – the small spot at the top of the picture. In Autumn, the cold and rain drives them indoors. When these spiders move, you think a small mammal is moving. They are huge and the picture doesn’t do it full justice. I swept it off the ceiling with a broom, hit it 3 times (I know ‘don’t kill God’s innocent creatures’), and the thing merely sprinted off. I had to squash it with my foot and it still squirmed as I picked it up in a paper towel. We are fairly use to them but we still don’t like them so that is why we dispose of them rather than pick them up to let them go. If someone can tell me that they don’t bite and they aren’t poisonous, perhaps we will treat them more gently.


Autumn – a ‘good or bad’ cycle?

Yesterday Wes taught from Ecc. 1:1-11 and shared how the ambiguous nature of the text may have been intentional. He read the passage with a Hebraic emphasis on certain words that drew out the absurd and wearisome cycle of the weather/seasons and then of man and our response. It is a legitimate reading depending upon your current disposition. Then Stuart read the same text, different emphasis, and it had an entirely positive spin on it. The cycles of the seasons are good – we know when to plant, when to harvest, and there is a variety and yet conistency in them – how wonderful! Wes’ reading was that the cycles go on and on with no end – how wearisome!

Last week I raked our lawn and enjoyed the fine weather. I filled a whole bin with leaves and Sophie rode the scooter up and down the pavement with such glee – how wonderful! Today coming back from walking the kids to school, there is more raking to do – how wearisome!


Sunny weather!!

Today it was 21C (69F) in Glasgow. Yesterday it was 23C (74F). It actually feels hotter here at this temperature than the same temp in the US – trust me on this one. Last Saturday it rained all day and I was very depressed, lethargic, and cantankerous. The weather really affects me so yesterday and today I spent about 3 hours each day outside instead of meeting with people indoors or working up at my computer. I pack a lunch, grab a drink, take the phone and all my ‘stuff’ so that I can enjoy the little sunshine we get here. It also helps with conversation. I had a meeting with Chris today and it really helps with dialogue when your emotional tank is being fed by such beautiful weather. Just a random thought.