Celebrating Ten Years


In August we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in Europe with…very little fanfare! To be honest, like most of life it snuck up on us. In December we will celebrate 10 years of ministry in Glasgow so maybe we will throw a bash :). Regardless, it is hard to believe how far we have come and how much life has changed for us. Thank you for partnering with us and helping us minister here in Glasgow. here are some highlights of our time in Glasgow and some aspects of the future for us.
In Christ,
Mike, Carol, Harrison, Lily & Sophie

  • Arriving in Holland to find out we were expecting Sophie! We quickly made changes to our original plan to be in Holland for a year and moved to Glasgow (December 2002).
  • Children coming and growing in their faith – I (Mike) hadn’t thought much about this given how young our children were and we didn’t think we would have a 3rd so quickly. Now we have two that have given their lives to Christ and Sophie is pursuing a relationship with Jesus. In many ways they are facing challenges as their new/young faiths are being challenged by the culture, their friends and their own natures as they grow.
  • Transitioning to bi-vocational ministry – we never thought we would open up a bead shop!
  • Becoming a quasi B&B for so many people – we are blessed with a big flat that we have opened up to Nepali, Iranian, American, German, Dutch, French, Scottish and likely other nationalities over the years. Some have lived with us long term, others for a short stay. We have been blessed with friendships, help, and the opportunity to experience new cultures.
  • Teaching English to asylum seekers – originally we thought our ministry would be to Scots and geared toward children/families. That is still very true but more and more our church is reaching out to asylum seekers. We meet this week to plan our 2nd year of conversational English classes held at our shop.
  • Citizenship – we thought 2-3 years and then onto plan B somewhere else in Europe. We now have citizenship and still our dreaming about plan B – or are we in plan B?
  • Our kids are in 3 different schools now so this opens up possibilities (if not logistical complexity) for us. So often, the relationships we make are with parents of our kids friends and where we can share the gospel. Please pray as Lily enters her first year of high school (different school than Harrison is in). 
  • Our shop is ‘ticking over’ but could use a better economy (like all of can) to allow us to grow it further. I, Mike have started to consider further schooling?, a new career? starting another business? I feel like I have accomplished what I set out to do with the bead shop, I want to keep my skills updated/relevant, and I do what I can proactively should the economy worsen any more. Please pray as I discern the next steps for me.
  • Mosaic is pushing at the seems (at times) with our current location and we are attracting additional people. We would love to get the momentum going so that we not only have people coming along but disciples serving. We seem to be in a place of transition – growing but not enough to require a new location. A new location for the church would allow us ore space, more growth potential and greater ministry possibilities. Pray we can navigate this and that God finds the perfect place for us.
  • Mosaic’s kids ministry could use an infusion as it seems we regularly are a community that interests those without kids – not good for our kids nor for growing a kids ministry. Please pray we get some new families and that Carol, myself and Carol’s sister Cindy can be effective with the kids ministry God has given us.
  • Family life is getting my complicated of course and although we are bi-vocational, we really are just as involved in the life of the church and run the business full-time. Additionally, we have 2 teens and one who thinks she is a teen – as every parent, we could use pray that we raise them well, disciple them effectively and that they take on a faith of their own more and more.