Busy days

Yesterday a couple in Mosaic – Dave & Elaine – got married. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were privileged to be there. I loved dancing the traditional ceilidh dances. We were seated with the other ‘ministers’ and I sat next to the officiator of the wedding. Interestingly, we know his brother and sister in law as we have stayed at their cottage on Islay. At the wedding, I also recognized someone (Bill) from the Partick Housing Association (PHA) that I have had a few dealings with. Bill is an American that has lived here for over 25 years and through his role with PHA is helping redevelop a local park near where we meet as a church.

Today we have our Acts 2 gathering (worship, teaching, fellowship, food, & communion) and I will be teaching the primary aged kids – I leave in 10 minutes to go set up! Monday we have a visit to a museum and friends over for lunch. Tuesday we go on a hill walk and Wednesday I pack because I’ll be in the USA fromthe 18-24th as part of a team networking with Norwalk, Ohio as part of a trip sponsored by the GeoTrac Foundation.

Please keep us in your prayers as the kids are also off school this week – that helps and adds to Carol’s week while I’m away. It is busy but good as in all we do we are building relationships and practicing the presence of God!

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