Father & Son

Yesterday was a father & son day. Harrison is in a unique situation with his school mates. He loves to be with them but we both know that there are some character issues with some of them (and he towards them) that can be a bad influence in either direction – bad company corrupts good character. We try to be careful about his interactions with them and the influences they bring as it is clear they aren’t being raise according to the way of Jesus. One influence is that they all see the latest movies, regardless of the rating. Every kid has seen the film Transformers but him. They have the toys, the PS2/XBox games, and talk about it incessantly. It pains us and him that he feels left out and we try to talk with him about his feelings, why we parent differently, and how we can pursue other activities. After much deliberation, we bought a Transformers toy for him off ebay and agreed that I would take him to the film. He could not contain the excitement as last night was the night to watch it. It was a wonderful bonding experience for us, we both enjoyed the film and on the way home had a chat about good & evil, how Jesus came to save people (not Autobots!) and how we can respond to Jesus. We saw a fox on the walk home, held hands the whole way and then when he climbed into bed, I was able to give him the toy we bought (he thought it hadn’t come yet). The joy was evident in him and it was great to be with my son through this experience.

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  1. Kudos to you guys for doing the right thing for you even when it’s hard! I totally understand, we are much stricter what our kids watch as well. Being deliberate about our parenting always pays off! Hugs to you.

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